Meeting the individuals needs..


At Oakleigh Healthcare we can also offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of individuals with a brain injury. We understand the impact this can have on the individual and their family and friends, we work closely with all those around them to ensure the support plan is set to ensure we have achievable but meaningful goals.

Support workers form the foundation of the team, delivering care in a manner that enables personal growth and improves wellbeing. Personalised plans will equip compassionate staff with communication strategies that enable the person to express their needs to the best of their ability and be as actively involved in determining their daily lives and future plans as possible. Therapeutic strategies provided by staff will enable individuals to actively participate in meaningful activity. For some individuals the ability to contribute to preparing food for others or creating a gift for a family member will prove a significant achievement that requires months of energy and guidance. Opportunity for leisure and activity will include aspects of relaxation, skill development or restoration, education or leisure.

Individuals will be supported to create a tailored support package which meets their needs and most importantly our staff have an excellent track record of working closely with family and any other healthcare professionals that may become or may already be involved in their care.

All our support plans are centred around the needs of the individual who as well as their family and existing team will be involved in the process from day one. We are highly experienced staff, who support individuals to manage their emotional and behavioural needs

We are passionate about improving individuals’ lives and believe that what may seem like a small step in rehabilitation can have a massive impact on a person’s overall quality of life.

Supported Living

Our supported living services provide a stepping stone for individuals to move towards a more independent life. Service Users are empowered to maximise their skills and develop greater control over their lives through making informed choices.

We assess each person’s needs, strengths and potential and then work in partnership with Service Users to help achieve their goals and support their families. Individuals are encouraged to be constructively occupied in what is a challenging and dynamic process as they adjust to what is often a different lifestyle

Here you can build your daily living skills and confidence with the knowledge that they have 24hr access to staff support. The aim is to support the individual in all activities of daily living, including personal care, medication, menu planning, shopping, cooking, budgeting, leisure, vocational activities, and social relationships. We encourage individuals to participate in meaningful activities, which enable their involvement in the wider community.