Independence with peace of mind...

If you like the idea of living independently in your own home, but are not sure whether this will suit you or whether you have the skills you need, pre-independent living could be the answer.

Here at Oakleigh Lodge we have flats that are self contained. These form part of Oakleigh Lodge and are within the grounds. This means you can have the reassurance of staff being available at all times whilst still having the space and facilities to learn new skills and find out whether you enjoy a more independent lifestyle.

The flats have been thoughtfully designed to provide a safe and secure environment with the look and feel of a residential flat. A fire alarm (L1 system) and nurse call are fully integrated.

We can support you to build the skills you need to live alone. The length of time people spend learning to live more independently varies according to their needs. You may be happy to move on within a few months, alternatively you might need longer before you feel confident to move to the next stage. The next stage, for example, may be to move into Supported Living accommodation, with Domiciliary Care support provided at just the times you need and want it.